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Shaft Alignment

9 Advantages of Laser Shaft Alignment in the Industry

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 23 July 2020 | Last Modified: 23 July 2020

An industry definitely needs shaft alignment or what can be called coupling alignment. Shaft alignment is a useful work process for aligning two axes or two axes of an object so that it can be symmetrical or in a straight line, both vertically and horizontally. One type that is widely used is laser shaft alignment. Here are some of the advantages for the industry.


Get to Know the Shaft Alignment

Most machines that rotate continuously are certainly very susceptible to misalignment. Well, this misalignment can affect engine speed. Misaligned shafts can cause high friction, thereby increasing unnecessary energy consumption, vibration and noise. The misalignment of the two shafts on the engine will also cause damage to the bearings and seals, leakage of seals and lubricants, as well as initial damage to the shaft and clutch.

For this reason, a shaft alignment is needed to ensure that the two rotating axes stay parallel and are in a straight line. With shaft alignment, we can be sure that the machine will work more optimally, have a longer service life, and be safer from the risk of damage.


Shaft Alignment Tolerance

However, even though shaft alignment is used to precision two axes or two axes of the engine, there are still problems that arise, such as incorrect measurement. Two shaft engines cannot always be precisely rotated to each other. There will be a lack of calculations that make the shaft not fit.

Therefore, the measurement tolerance limit is less than 0.05 mm so that all tools do not cause vibration and friction. So, don't worry when you are going to align the two shafts but it cannot fit precisely because that is indeed a natural thing.


Advantages of Laser Shaft Alignment

Of the several types of shaft alignment, laser shaft alignment is considered as the most model that has many advantages. No wonder because the laser shaft alignment is equipped with sophisticated technology so that it can make two axes rotate precisely. The advantages of laser shaft alignment include:

- Laser beam is not affected by gravity or sag bracket.
- The measurement is fast and accurate.
- The laser device is rotated to various positions around the center of rotation of the shaft, making it only focus on measuring the center of rotation and is not affected by the eccentricity or run-out clutch.
- The shaft laser alignment system has software to calculate very accurate values ??for horizontal correction and shimming.
- Able to measure vertically
- Utilizing laser technology to achieve basic geometry measurements, such as straightness, flatness, and alignment.
- Measure and compensate for dynamic changes in engine position, such as those caused by the thermal growth of the engine.
- Can measure more than two machines combined in the same measurement process.
- More accurately measure more complex alignment functions.


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