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Analytical Balance
19 May 2021

How to use the correct analytical balance? An analytical balance is a laboratory instrument used to measure objects with small mass (sub-milligram range). To get accurate measurement results from an analytical balance, you must know how to use them. Check out the following explanation to find out how to use analytical balance appropriately. How to Use the Analytical Balance Based on the type, analytical balance is divided into two types, namely digital analytical balance and analog analytic ba...

Process Simulator
28 May 2020

In carrying out our daily activities, of course we all use electricity. It was impossible to move optimally without the help of electricity. Everyone needs electricity, without exception. To be able t...

Water Chemistry Analyzers
08 July 2020

Dissolved oxygen is the oxygen content contained in water, where the percentage indicates the quality of the water. If there is a lot of oxygen found in water, it can be said that water has good quali...

Shaft Alignment
23 July 2020

An industry definitely needs shaft alignment or what can be called coupling alignment. Shaft alignment is a useful work process for aligning two axes or two axes of an object so that it can be symmetr...


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