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Tank Cleaning, Gas Freeing and Sterilising System
27 August 2018

SKID V-025 use for cleaning, gas freeing and sterilising the fuel tank.

Cleaning and sterilising the biodiesel (B20) fuel tank is very important because biodiesel fuel tank tend to have more bacteria than normal diesel fuel. 

The elimination of bacteria using steam will avoid using biocide and saving the operation cost.

Gas freeing is the removal of organic gases from stationary tanks, containers, or pipelines. Fluids that are degassed include gasoline and crude oil.

Gas freeing need to be performed to obtaining a gas free condition to enable perfectly safe working operations. 


26 June 2017

The Torque multiplier is a tool commonly used to provide mechanical advantages in applying torque to install or remove nuts, bolts and other similar items. The Torque multiplier is also specifically designed to be applied by torque such as valve actuation especially where there are certain requirements for relatively high torque.


Pre Cleanned Bottle
26 June 2017

Use Sample Bottles that are Clean to Meet the ISO 3722 Standard

Lubricant analysis is one way to detect a decrease in the performance of internal parts, on your engine and heavy equipment. With regular oil checks, maintenance and...

Pre Cleanned Bottle
26 June 2017

Clean bottles vs. sterile bottles sometimes there are still many people who cannot distinguish them. Clean bottles are bottles that are free of pollutants. For example, micron dust. Clean bottles still allow for bacterial contamination. Whereas sterile bottles are a condition of bottles tha...


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