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12 July 2019

Add a little baking soda mixed with hot water or bleach solution. Then, a mixture of plastic bottle sterilization is very important for you to look after if you want to use it again. As is known, in fact plastic bottles are usually limited in time to use. But, if you really need to use this plastic bottle because you don't have another bottle then you should keep using it again The process of sterilizing plastic bottles is not as easy as when you will clean a bottle made of glass. However, if y...

Oil Analysis
3 July 2017

Working with heavy equipment must of course pay attention to his well-being. So that heavy equipment can be used for a long period of time, the oil used as a lubricant must be of good quality. How to...

02 August 2019

In an industry, machinery is an important component to ensure the sustainability of the industry. Especially when talking about factory machines which are very numerous, plus a large size. To be able...

02 August 2019

Analytical scales are sensitive laboratory instruments designed to measure mass accurately. The difference with other scales is that these scales have a readability range of 0.1 mg - 0.01 mg, specific...


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