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Now Pall Athalon™ Filters Available in PALL Distibutor for Indonesia

Athalon™ Filters – High performance filters improve fluid cleanliness for better equipment protection

Pall’s Athalon™ hydraulic and lube oil filters offer the Ultimate in filter performance for the full life of the filter element

See how Pall’s Athalon™ hydraulic and lube oil Betaxc > 2000 filters perform against other filter designs to provide the greatest overall filter performance and value available in industry today.

High-quality filtration is one of the most underestimated, yet critical elements of the automotive -manufacturing process. And Pall Corporation serves the market with sophisticated and durable filtration solutions that add value, enabling lean manufacturing by reducing waste, rework and providing asset protection.

But why does cheap filtration fail? The answer lies in design shortcuts. Whereas Pall products lead the market in the proprietary design of innovative filter media, alternatives shortcut the following:

Filter Media. Demand fixed-pore filter media. In-use, filter fibers move, opening the pore structures, in turn releasing contaminants that, once captured, should be retained. The intersection of filter fibers should feature a fixed-pore structure, which will prove more efficient and reliable.

Tapered vs Uniform Pores. Unknown to many automotive engineers who procure filtration to ensure efficient and quality operations is the depth imperative at the pore level. Good filters are far from 2D ‘nets’ – they are three-dimensional traps, capturing contaminants as they move through the filter. Tapered pores enable a more effective filtration by adding depth.

Filter Construction. The worst filter scenario is bypass within the filter itself. That’s exactly what happens when filter quality is compromised in favor of lower cost. From quality filter media, to support, and even well designed drainage systems, construction and build represent nuanced and critical components of successful filtration. Design elements—such as epoxy-bonded end-caps—ensure structural integrity. Simply put, Pall provides complex, effective filter construction for superior results.

Fiber Size. Using smaller diameter fibers in the filter media is a critical component in designing the proper filtration solutions.

Good products not only contribute to efficient manufacturing of machinery, but they bring people together. And Pall products are critical in maintenance, product engineering and quality engineering alike.

Maintenance appreciates the durability – lower-cost solutions can require 300% or greater replacement time and expense in consistent use. Maintenance also appreciates the asset protection enabled by Pall – equipment, from manufacturing machinery to hydraulics, lasts longer with pall, saving operating expense and capital.

And engineers appreciate the quality and efficiency. In processes as seemingly simple as paint, defects can take 15 minutes to an hour to correct – a costly and unacceptable outcome in efficient manufacturing. But even more important than uptime is the delivery of quality products. And the production of quality products fundamentally requires maintaining operationally critical equipment with consistently clean fluids.