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Now Pall Athalon™ Filters Available in PALL Distibutor for Indonesia

Created By: Djunaidi Chaidir | Published Date: 30 January 2018 | Last Modified: 31 July 2019

Athalon ™ Filters - High-performance filters improve fluid cleanliness for better equipment protection.

Pall's Athalon ™ hydraulic oil filters and lubricants offer Ultimate in filter performance for the full life of the filter element.

See how the performance of the Pallalon Athalon ™ hydraulic and Betaxc> 2000 filter lubricants over other filter designs to provide the greatest overall performance and filter value available in the industry today.

High-quality filtration is one of the most underrated, but important elements of the automotive manufacturing process. And Pall Corporation serves the market with sophisticated and durable filtration solutions that add value, enabling lean manufacturing by reducing waste, reworking and providing asset protection.

But why does inexpensive filtering fail? The answer is in the design shortcut. Whereas Pall's products lead the market in exclusive designs of innovative filter media, the following alternative shortcuts:


Media Filter

Demanding fixed pore filter media. When used, the filter fiber moves, opening the pore structure, in turn releasing contaminants which, once captured, must be maintained. The filter fiber intersection must have a fixed-pore structure, which will prove to be more efficient and reliable.


Tapered vs. Uniform Pores

It is unknown to many automotive engineers who carry out screening to ensure efficient and quality operations are a must at the pore level. Good filters are far from 2D 'webs' - they are three-dimensional traps, capturing contaminants as they move through the filter. Tapered pores allow more effective filtering by adding depth.


Filter Construction

The worst filter scenario is to cut in the filter itself. That is what happens when filter quality is compromised for lower costs. From quality filter media, to support, and even well-designed drainage systems, construction, and construction are nuanced and important components of successful screening. Design elements - such as end caps bound to epoxy - ensure structural integrity. Simply put, Pall provides complex and effective filter construction for superior results.


Fiber Size

Using smaller diameter fibers in the filter media is an important component in designing an appropriate filtration solution.


Good products not only contribute to making efficient machines but also bring people together. And Pall products are very important in the same maintenance, product engineering, and quality engineering.

Maintenance values ??durability - low-cost solutions can require replacement time and cost 300% or greater for consistent use. Maintenance also values ??the protection of assets made possible by Pall - equipment, from manufacturing machinery to hydraulics, lasts longer with pall, saving operating costs and capital.

And the engineers appreciate the quality and efficiency of this product. In a process that seems as simple as paint, defects can take 15 minutes to an hour to correct - an expensive and unacceptable result in efficient manufacturing. But more important than uptime is shipping quality products. And the production of quality products fundamentally requires the maintenance of operational critical equipment with consistent clean fluids.


Types of Pall Athalon Available

As a filter brand that is useful for a variety of needs, from the business of manufacturing machinery to hydraulics, Pall Athalon already has the best reputation in its class. The quality of the products they offer always has good quality. Its strength is good so it is durable for use in a long period of time. Pall also has various types of Athalon that you can choose according to taste, such as:

- UR690 Series Athalon® Return Line Filters (Filter Bag)
- UR318 Series Athalon® CM High-Pressure Filters
- UR209 Series Athalon® Return Line Filters (Assemblies / Filter Housings)
- UR229 Series Athalon ™ Medium Pressure Duplex Filters (Filter Housings)
- UH319X128 Series Athalon® High-Pressure Filters (Assemblies / Filter Housings)
- UR699 Series Athalon® Return Line Filters (Assemblies / Filter Housings)
- UT610 Series Athalon ™ Tank Mounted Filters (Filter Bag)
- UH210 Series Athalon® High-Pressure Filters (Filter Housings)
- UH310 Series Athalon® High-Pressure Filters (Filter Housings)
- UR210 Series Athalon® Return Line Filters (Filter Housings)
- UR310 Series Athalon ™ Return Line Filters (Filter Bag)
- UR610 Series Athalon ™ Return Line Filters (Filter Housings).

The many types of Pall Athalon available today, each of which has its uses. Some can be used for filter bags, some are used for assemblies, and some are used for filter housings. The variety of uses of Pall Athalon allows you to choose products and types to suit your needs. You also do not need to worry about the quality provided in each product from Pall Athalon. Everything has been proven to be able to provide the best performance in a durable period.


The Superiority of Pall Athalon in Its Use

As a provider of high-quality hydraulic oil filters, Pall Athalon has been providing the best construction for each of its product lines from the start. Pall's Athalon ™ hydraulic oil and lubricant filters combine proven quality Betax (c) ≥2000, stress-resistant and long-lasting filter technology, and a complete range of engine frames to provide the best overall performance and filters available on the market today.

For those who are interested in trying to use Pall Athalon products, below are a few points of excellence from Pall Athalon that you need to know about, such as:


Laid Over Pleat (LOP) Media Geometry Filter

Able to maximize the filtration area, increase the ability to handle the flow, and can reduce the size of filter elements.


Filter that is Resistant to Stress so that It Can Last a Long Time

Improve the consistency of liquid cleanliness and improve performance in the 'real world' conditions.


Anti-Static Construction

Minimizes the generation of static charges and prevents damage to filter, home or fluid elements due to static discharge.


Construction without Core/Cageless

60% lighter than filter elements that are comparable to cores and reduce disposal costs (filter elements do not burn, cannot break or be destroyed).


Easy to Install and Does Not Need to Perform Regular Maintenance

The usual composition is used with installation and service services that make maintenance fast and easy to do with only basic tools.


In addition, Pall Athalon has also set new standards in the design of the filters they make. One of them is the use of stress-resistant technology, Betax (c) ≥2000 in the Laid-Over Pleat configuration. With this technology, irregular and inorganic fibers will not experience problems. Fiber will remain tightly bound to a fixed structure. In addition, the system that is run is still able to work well, although there are cyclic flow and dirt loading which is calculated as stress from the system itself. Thus, the usual problems will not be experienced by Pall Athalon products.


Specifications of Pall Athalon

For those of you who are interested in using products from Pall Athalon, but each is confused by the more detailed specifications of each Pall Athalon product, below we have provided each specification from Pall Athalon. With this list of specifications we have made, you can know how the specifications of Pall Athalon and know how the best quality is offered for you.


Element Collapse/Burst Rating (ISO 2941)

10 bard (150 psid)


Flow vs Pressure Drop (ISO 3968)

See the appropriate Ultipleat SRT housing literature.


Fluid Compatibility (ISO 2943)

Compatible with petroleum, water-glycol, water-oil emulsions, and water-containing liquids. Fluorocarbon seals are industry standard, which allows use with certain industrial, diester, and synthetic phosphate esters.


Flow Fatigue (ISO 3724)

Contact the factory; filter element folds are fully supported, both upstream and downstream to achieve exceptional fatigue cycle life.


Fabrication Integrity (ISO 2942)

Fabric integrity is validated and guaranteed during the manufacturing process with various evaluations and inspections including Bubble Point testing.


Temperature Range

Fluorocarbon seals: -29?C (-20?F) to + 120?C (+ 250?F)

Note: Maximum 60?C (140?F) in water-based liquids.

Other seal materials are available on application.


Quality Control

All filter elements are manufactured by Pall for clear procedures with strict quality control as well. The elements in the filter are checked against the validation test protocol that is currently underway within Pall Corporation. Pall is accredited by ISO 9001 and QS 9000.


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As a filter that is useful for various things, you can use Pall Athalon products right now. Hopefully, with complete information about Pall Athalon who has entered Indonesia with Hyprowira as a distributor in this region for all products from PALL, it can be useful for you so you can know this best product right now.