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6 Ways to Lower the pH of Water

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 23 March 2021 | Last Modified: 23 March 2021

Both too low and too high a water pH level have their respective side effects. Therefore, it is important to know how to lower the pH of the water to bring it back into balance; good for consumption needs, swimming pools, to fish ponds. Let's look at the following methods.

1. Use alum

Alum is a method of lowering the pH of water that is most widely used by the community, both to lower the pH of water in swimming pools and fish ponds. In fact, it is not uncommon for alum to be used as a way to lower the pH of drinking water.

Alum (Al2 (SO4) 3) can help the deposition process and can quickly lower the pH of the water. For example, water with a neutral pH of 7 can rapidly decrease to pH 6.5 using alum. The deposition process will also make the pH of the water continue to decrease to pH 5. Amazingly, alum can also purify water. So, this alum can be used as a tool with two different functions that are mutually beneficial.

2. Lemon juice

The lower the pH of the water, the more acidic the water content will be. Therefore, it is not surprising that lemon, which is known for its acidity, can also be used as a way to lower the pH of water, especially drinking water.

This fruit which is rich in vitamin C, apart from being refreshing, can actually be used to balance and even lower the pH of the water we consume. However, just make sure that the acid level in the water is within a reasonable level, as the pH of the water is too low to taste very sour and bitter. You can also add lemon slices to the water, or what is commonly known as the detox water trend.

3. Ketapang leaves

One of the most natural ways to lower the pH of water is to use ketapang leaves. Ketapang leaves have been a method used since ancient times to balance and lower the pH of water.

For this method, you need to first boil the ketapang leaves. Without this boiling process, the ketapang leaves will actually make the water turn yellow due to the tannins in the ketapang leaves.

After boiling, ketapang leaves can be taken and soaked in a pool of water for several days. This natural way of lowering the pH of water is highly recommended because it does not pollute the surrounding environment and is known to be effective!

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4. Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid content is very commonly used as a way to lower the pH of swimming pool water. In addition, hydrochloric acid is also used to neutralize and control the pH of water in the pharmaceutical and bottled mineral water industries. It is very important to know the amount of hydrochloric acid to use.

Currently, there are many shops that sell hydrochloric acid solutions for swimming pools, but some are solid and must be diluted first. After pouring the hydrochloric acid solution, wait 4 hours before using the pool. Then, measure the pH level again using a water pH meter.

5. Sodium bisulfate

The content which is also known as dry acid is often used to lower the pH of swimming pool water. Generally, sodium bisulfate is sold in powder form. How to use it is also the same as hydrochloric acid.

You have to be careful when using sodium bisulfate because if the skin is exposed to sodium bisulfate for a long time, it can cause irritation and even burns. Wait up to 4 hours after using sodium bisulfate. If the pH of the water is still high enough, you can pour sodium bisulfate back into the pool of water.

6. Papaya stems

One more natural way to lower the pH of water, namely using papaya stems and leaves. This method is a mainstay of catfish farming owners because it is chemical free and safe for the health of catfish in the pond. In fact, papaya leaves and stems can also be a food for catfish. You just have to soak the leaves and pieces of papaya stems in a pool of water.

There are a number of ways to lower the pH level of water, both using natural ingredients and chemicals. One more important thing you need to do, which is to regularly measure the pH level of the water using an accurate water pH meter, available at Hyprowira. Now, you are ready to follow the ways to lower the pH of water for your various needs.


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