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ISO 21018-3 Cleanliness Test - Filter Blockage

Category: Laboratory

Filter blockage is a semi-quantitative method of testing the level of cleanliness based on filter technology, both online and offline in containers. This method is suitable for cleaning the level of cleanliness in hydraulic systems.


This method is not affected by the condition of dark colored samples and samples with high water content. For one test, this tool requires a minimum sample volume of 700mL with an estimated analysis time of 7 minutes per sample. With the results of the analysis obtained are: Level of cleanliness (ISO 4406, NAS 1638, SAE AS 4059), Moisture Content (% Saturation), Viscosity (when the sample enters the tool).


Determination of the level of cleanliness of lubricants and fuels with sample conditions that have high water contamination and dark sample colors can be done using the PCM method based on filter blockage techniques based on ISO 21018-3

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