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Category: Laser Shaft Aligment

Price VIBRO-LASER Shaft Alignment 

Rp. 120,000,000,


VLSAT TM is one of the laser shaft alignment products from VIBRO-LASER available at Hyprowira. This tool is useful for checking the alignment of the center shaft to shaft between the driving machines. With a laser shaft alignment, the rotary shaft inside the machine can be seen whether it is aligned and precise.

VLSATTM offers cutting edge technology already available on Microsoft Windows®, Android®, and iOS® for iPad®. This choice of options makes it even easier to operate this tool which is ergonomically designed for even the harshest of environments. This laser shaft alignment is highly functional with 3D animation features and a wide touch screen. The synchronization process has become faster and more precise.

VIBRO-LASER Shaft Alignment Features

There are various features available in this laser shaft alignment tool from VIBRO-LASER, such as Horizontal Shaft Alignment, Vertical Alignment, Soft Foot, Cut Angle, Thermal Expansion Correction, Environmental Correction, Sensor Unit Readings, and Saving Data And Report Creation. The purchase package also includes a chain with lock, stainless steel rods, magnetic bracket, magnetic base, shims, complete V-bracket, carrying bag, and carrying case with insert. So it's even easier to feel the benefits of this laser shaft alignment tool in checking large rotating shafts of machines. Contact Hyprowira to get the best laser shaft alignment system in its class right away.


VLSAT Plus kit


VIBRO-LASER Shaft Alignment Tool Specifications

1. Degree of protection IP67

2. Operating time 20 Hours

3. Operating temperature: 14° F to 140° F (-10° C to +60° C)

4. Detector type Digital CCD detector 30mm

5. Measurement distance Up to 10m


VLSAT 3d heads

The VLSAT sensor units use the latest digital, and Bluetooth® data processing technology. Eliminating pre-alignment and minimizing setup time is intrinsically engineered into the VLSAT through the utilization of our exclusive 30mm CCD-detectors. This provides you with exact and stable measurement results and enables the system to be more interference-immune from the external factors (stray light, vibration, thermal growth etc.). Thanks to the compact and durable aluminum case of the sensor units, you can work in the most confined and harsh environments.


Complete information about the VLSAT Vibro Laser, can be read here. 

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