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Test, Evaluation, Analysis, Maintenance

Category: Generator Testing

We call it TEAM also because it is a joint collaboration between the Customer and PGS. This analysis provides a process for the customer to arrive at the Generator or Motor Condition which may be used to develop a business plan addressing risk of failure, economic consequences, and otherfactors.

As stated many times, generator and motor failures generally happen as a result of an incident that produces a voltage or current or mechanical shock. The whole purpose of performing a battery of tests and visual inspections is to identify weaknesses and the slow deterioration process, then correct them in a timely manner.

Inspections to suit your needs

TEAM-1 An analysis designed to fit your bore scope inspection outages

TEAM-2 An analysis designed to fit turbine valve, gas turbine combustion, or hot gas path inspectionoutages.


TEAM-3 A rotor-out analysis designed to fit your major inspection outages.


For more information, please contact : PT Hyprowira Adhitama, as PGS 's partner in Indonesia.

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