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HNP 06 Oil Purifier

Category: Oil Purifier

Fluid viscosities to 700cSt


Minimizing water contamination can extend the reliability of systems and the life of system components and fluids.

The Pall HNP006 Purifier is designed to remove water from oil in low-volume systems or where access to conditioning equipment is limited.


Benefits of Pall HNP006 Purifier
- High-performance water, gas, and particulate removal
- Simple automated operation
- Extension of fluid life
- 120V single-phase electric connection
- Extended fluid life
- Minimized corrosion within systems
- Increased equipment reliability
- Reduced operating costs

Pall purifiers remove 100% of free water and above 80% of dissolved water. They also remove 100% of free and entrained gases and above 80% of dissolved gases. 

The Pall HNP006 fluid conditioning purifier can be used as a fixed installation or portable unit easily removed and connected to any fluid system.

This compact portable fluid conditioning purifier design is based on Pall’s existing range of fluid conditioning products. Its size and weight allow for easy handling through restricted openings and can be located close to existing systems where space is limited.  


General Specifications:
Dimensions: 690 mm x 450 mm x 1030 mm
Dry mass: 69 kg (152 lb.)
Inlet connections: 1 1⁄4" NPT
Outlet connections: 1" NPT
Flow Rate: 4.5 lpm (1.2 gpm)
Outlet pressure: 7 bar g (100 psi) maximum
Service temperature: 10ºC to 70ºC (50ºF to 158ºF)
Fluid viscosity: 700 cSt maximum
Operating vacuum: -0.6 to –0.8 bar g (adjustable)
Power supply: 120V, 60 Hz single phase


Please see brochure here.


For more information, please contact : PT Hyprowira Adhitama, as PALL's distributor in Indonesia.

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