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Huron S XP

Category: Pressure Washers

Price of High Pressure Cleaner Fasa Huron S XP

IDR 11,850,000


The Fasa Huron S XP is the best high pressure cleaner product in its class and is now available at Hyprowira. This product is very suitable for you to use in cleaning large surfaces optimally and professionally thanks to the qualified specifications inside.

High Pressure Cleaner Fasa Huron S XP feature

This high pressure cleaner is equipped with three steel pistons, brass axial pump head with built-in by-pass valve, 1 liter detergent tank, accessory holder, suction valve and S / S valves, as well as an ergonomic handle that makes the cleaning process easier. The strength of this product is also supported by a 2800 RPM engine which further provides the best experience for you.


Buying this high pressure cleaner product doesn't just get the unit. There are some standard equipment onboard that is provided, such as 8 m high pressure hose, high pressure gun, and fast connection lance. You will definitely get all of this equipment when you buy this product. Take advantage of the Huron S 1409 XP Phase for a variety of high-pressure cleaning activities. You can clean large surfaces from stubborn dirt problems to access corners that are difficult to clean properly. Problems with mud, dirt, stains, mold, and dust from concrete surfaces to buildings can definitely be cleaned optimally. Get the Huron S XP phase with Hyprowira right now.


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Huron S XP

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