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Clark 11 H

Category: Pressure Washers

Price of High Pressure Cleaner Fasa Clark 11 H

IDR 59,400,000


Clark 11 H phase is one of the high pressure cleaner products available at Hyprowira to become your mainstay tool for your business. This high pressure cleaner has three ceramic pistons as well as a brass linear pump head with built-in valves.

High Pressure Cleaner Fasa Clark 11 H Features 

The specifications for this high pressure cleaner consist of an SS suction and delivery valve while being supported by an unleaded gasoline engine from a Honda 11HP GX motorbike. In addition, there are several other features of this high pressure cleaner, such as:

1. The high pressure cleaner supported by detergent suction is integrated with an external suction probe
2. Pressure regulator so that the high pressure that is created can run optimally
3. Has an automatic RPM setting
4. There is an RPM reducer between the engine and the cleaner pump
5. Filter
6. Glicerine pressure gauge capable of supporting high pressure

This high pressure cleaner that is considered pro is also supported by several standard equipment, namely a high pressure gun with a fast rotary clutch, a 10 m high pressure hose, and a high pressure spear with a jet fan.


The Clark 11 H high pressure cleaner allows you to perform high-pressure mechanical spraying to clean hard-to-access corners, clean large surfaces, and remove stubborn dirt at various points. Not only that, because its high pressure machine is also capable of cleaning dirt, mold, mud, dust, and stains from the surface of buildings, concrete, vehicles, as well as removing paint. Get the Clark 11 H Phase by contacting Hyprowira right now.


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Clark 11 H

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