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Price of High Pressure Cleaner CASPIAN 1209 LP

IDR 16,500,000

High pressure cleaner Caspian 1209 LP phase is one of the high pressure cleaner products that you can easily get at Hyprowira. The Caspian 1209 LP is powered by a 4 pole electric motor capable of providing 1450 RPM of power with thermal protection. Then the three-piston high pressure cleaner is ceramic coated with a brass linear pump head and a built-in bypass valve.

CASPIAN 1209 LP High Pressure Cleaner Features

There are various advantages possessed by this high pressure cleaner from Caspian:

1. This high pressure cleaner has a s / s suction and delivery valve
2. Built in detergent tank for indirect suction
3. Maximum high pressure regulator in order to provide the best cleaner work results
4. There is a Glicerine pressure gauge in the Caspian Phase 1209 LP

This excellent product for the high pressure cleaner machine from Phase is equipped with various other supporting accessories. You can get a hose reel, a high pressure cleaner accessory holder, a hose holder, and an ergonomic handle that can make the cleaning process easier.

High pressure cleaner is often used for high pressure mechanical spraying. This is what makes this pressure cleaner tool able to clean large surfaces, remove dirt, and clean corners that are difficult for other cleaning machines to access. Not only that, this high pressure cleaner can also remove dirt, paint, mold, dust, mud, and stains from concrete surfaces, buildings, vehicles, and others. Get the 1209 LP Caspian Phase by contacting Hyprowira as fasa distributor in Indonesia right now.



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Caspian 1209 LP

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