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Category: Pressure Washers

The Artic 1211 XP phase is one of the high pressure cleaner products available at Hyprowira. It has three ceramic coated pistons with a brass axial pump and a built-in valve.

High Pressure Cleaner Fasa Artic 1211 XP feature

This model has a low voltage and a delayed and a Total Stop (three-phase model). There are several features that the Artic 1211 XP high pressure cleaner has. Among them:

1. S / s suction and delivery valve
2. Built in detergent tank to carry out indirect suction
3. This jet cleaner has a pressure regulator with a Gilcerine pressure gauge
4. There is an accessory holder, hose reel and ergonomic handle


There are several sets of standard equipment for this high pressure cleaner. You can get standard equipment: a quick connection lance, a 5-nozzle set, a 5-meter power cord, a 10-meter high-pressure hose, and of course a high-pressure gun with the support of a fast rotary clutch.


You can use the high pressure cleaner from Fasa Artic 1211 XP for mechanical spraying with high pressure to clean large surfaces, clean corners that are difficult to access, and remove stubborn dirt. Besides that, it can also be used to remove paint, dirt, mold, mud, dust, and stains from the surface of buildings, concrete, vehicles and others. Get 1211 XP Artic Phase by contacting Hyprowira as fasa distributor in Indonesia right now.


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Artic 1211 XP


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