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A9 50 BT

Category: Scrubber Driers

Suitable to work for the maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas (up to 2.200 m²). User friendly control panel: forward speed setting, scrubbing and vacuuming selectors, battery charge indicator, traction direction indicator, key main switch. Large handle with traction driving lever for forward and backward directions. Self levelling brush plate. Cover removable without tools provided with self locking system. Quick vacuum motor and filter inspection, without tools. Detergent solution tank with large opening protected by quick locking cap. Parking brake directly on the wheel. Non-marking wheels. Easy squeegee regulation without tools. Movable shock-proof squeegee. Hour meter and solenoid valve. User friendly control panel. Speed adjustment selectors. General ON/OFF and key switch, brush and vacuum motor switch. Thermal circuit breaker to protect vacuum motor and brush motor, battery level control, hour meter. Easy access to battery and vacuum motor compartment, without using tools. Large tank capacity, at the top in the category (67 l). 2 x 12V -118 Ah C5 batteries to grant long work autonomy, up to 3 hours. Control lever for brush operation and detergent water out?ow. Recovery tank drain hose. Quick ?tting battery charger plug. Heavy duty 15 mm steel monobloc brush plate. Great pressure on the ?oor for a deep cleaning even on the toughest dirt. Self levelling system. Solenoid valve to stop the detergent water out?ow during the work interruptions.


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A9 50 BT

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