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4 poles electrical motor (1450 RPM) and thermal protection and water cooling. Three ceramic pisto...
4 poles electrical motor (1450 RPM) with thermal protection and water cooling. Three ceramic pist...

FASA Distributor in Indonesia


High pressure cleaner or high pressure cleaner is a machine to wash heavy equipment or cars to clean the parts that are difficult to reach by hand. This tool is able to remove stubborn stains on cars and heavy equipment and is an expensive machine. Another name for this engine is a steam engine. The use of high pressure cleaners is commonly used by car washers and heavy equipment entrepreneurs as the main weapons in running their business. Moreover, more and more days, more and more users of cars and heavy equipment who prefer to wash vehicles in the washing place.

High pressure cleaners are not cheap things. Because the price is not affordable, this makes you have to be smart to choose high-quality cleaning machines that are durable and long-lasting. To be able to get high-quality high-quality cleaners, you should first look at our recommendations. For this reason, we sell a wide range of high-pressure cleaning needs for the FA-SA brand. Have you ever heard of the FA-SA brand?

FA-SA is an Italian brand that releases a variety of high-pressure cleaning products that you can use right now. FA-SA itself already has more than twenty years of age being a synonym for qualifications and specialization. For use from high-pressure cleaners from FA-SA, it can be used for outdoor and indoor use. Amazingly, the products offered are not just one type. There are various kinds of high-pressure cleaning products that are complete and innovative, as well as covering a wide range of all cleaning sectors, such as vacuum cleaners, sweepers, scrubber driers, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, to steam generators.

FA-SA is actually part of Lavorwash which was born in 1975. Lavorwash itself is a world-leading manufacturer of cleaning systems, up to high technology for small and large surfaces. Both internal and external.

FA-SA produces more than two hundred different product models for hobbies and professionals. Diverse and specialized solutions for environmental, hygienic, plant, indoor / outdoor surfaces, and for hobbies and professional use. present in the international market with a variety of high pressure cleaners, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, sweepers, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, steam generators, which are suitable for all applications, ranging from medium to large machines, hobbies, with small machines.

FA-SA does have a complete line of product types for high-pressure cleaners. That is why the FA-SA brand continues to be seen as one of the best high-pressure cleaning manufacturers today. It's a shame to miss the opportunity to use FA-SA products. If you are interested in using high-pressure cleaning products from FA-SA, take it easy. Now all FA-SA products offered by them are available in Indonesia. PT Hyprowira Adhitama is the sole agent of FA-SA products in the Indonesian market. So when you want to buy FA-SA products, you just have to contact us immediately. We are ready to assist you in selling the best FA-SA products to you.




What is FA-SA?

FA-SA is a high-pressure cleaning manufacturer from Italy which is distributed by PT Hyprowira Adhitama as an official distributor of FA-SA. FA-SA itself is a provider of high-pressure cleaning products with various types of products such as high pressure cleaners, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, sweepers, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, steam generators, which are suitable for all applications, ranging from medium to large machines, hobby, with a small machine. With the quality provided by FA-SA, it's a shame to miss the opportunity to use products from them. As the best provider of high-pressure cleaning along with other supporting tools, fortunately you are able to use selected products from FA-SA because it has entered the Indonesian market from now on thanks to PT Hyprowira Adhitama.


What Products are Offered by FA-SA?

FA-SA provides a variety of high-pressure cleaning products that you can order at this time. Starting ARTIC 1211 XP, Clark 5H, Indian 1310 XP, Clark Hot 10, SUNDEK 5 1211 XP, SUNDEK 5Y 1311 LP, MAXIMA 2015 LP, MAXIMA XXL 2021 LP, CASPIAN 1209 LP, EXPLORER 2015 LP, Onega-R 1409 XP, Huron S XP, Huron KA 1409 XP, Tasman 1211 LP, Tasman 1510 LP, Tasman 1713 LP, Tasman 2017 LP, Tasman XL 2015 LP, Tasman 2021 LP, Tasman 2515 LP, Explorer LP, Clark 11 HI, Clark 13 H, Desert XP, Montigo LP, Clark Hot 17, WINDY 265 PF, WINDY 265 IF, Windy 365 IR, Echo, Windy 120 IF, Windy 130 IF, Windy 278 PF, Windy 278 IF, Windy 378 PF.

Next are Windy 378 IR, Windy IE Foam, Domino 53 Inox, Domino 78 Inox, Domino 78 Inox BS, Titano 78 PL-BS, Titano 78 Inox BS, A1 36 E, A3 45E, A5 EVO 50 E, A8 EVO 66 BTA , A9 50 BT, A12 75 BT, A12 RIDER, A13 R 75 ESSENTIAL, A13 R 75 UP, COPY OF A18-R 5300, A24 7100, A35 8500, ODM-R 45G 16-130, SW 2600 BT, SW R 4900 BT, SW R 6200 BT, SW R 8300 SC LIFT, SW R 8300 SC, SW R 6200 BT LIFT, TK 651 M, SW 3700 SC, SW 9700 BT / SW 9700 SC, IVP 3.3 M GOLD, IVP 4.1 VAC, IVP 4.1 VAC FOAM, GV KATLA, IVP 8T GOLD, IVP Vesuvio, METIS, KOLUMBO, UPDS FUJI, GRAFFITI WASTER, CL4 series, CL5 series, CL5 series, CW5 series, MPBX1 series, MPBX2 series, MPW5 series, MPWJ5 series, MP4 series, MPJ4 series , MPW4 series, MPWJ4 series, Top / High / Low series, High 08 / Low 08 series.


What Prices are Offered for FA-SA Products?

For prices offered in FA-SA products, you can ask us by telephone (+622129662266 and +622129662277), contact us via email at, or contact us via Whatsapp at +628159003885. We will immediately give you the latest price info from FA-SA.


How to Shop FA-SA Products?

To be able to buy products from FA-SA, you just have to visit the Hyprowira website with the website address Then you click the Products section in the website menu section. Then you just click see the product in the FA-SA section. You will immediately be brought into all FA-SA products available at Hyprowira. Furthermore, you just contact us further to order.


What About the FA-SA Payment System?

FA-SA payment system is relatively easy. After you order, we will immediately send the account number to which you transfer. Then you can immediately transfer the nominal price of the FA-SA product you want to buy.


For FA-SA Shipping, How Fast Does the Goods Arrive?

We will send your item immediately after you make a payment. Keep in mind too. The sooner you transfer the nominal value of the FA-SA product purchased, the goods will arrive soon. We can send FA-SA products throughout Indonesia as well.


Why Should I Buy FA-SA in Hyprowira?

Of course you have to buy FA-SA at Hyprowira because we are the only authorized distributor of FA-SA products. That way, the products we provide are definitely authentic and official. You don't need to be afraid of the quality and authenticity of FA-SA products. We guarantee everything you buy from Hyprowira is a genuine item from FA-SA.


For More Information, Where Can I Contact?

For more information about FA-SA products, you can contact us as FASA's distributor in Indonesia by telephone (+622129662266 and +622129662277), contact us by email at, or contact us via Whatsapp with +628159003885.