Hydraulic Power Washer

Category: HP Water Pump

DYNASET HPW Hydraulic Power Washers are powered by hydraulics of a machine or a vehicle and produces high pressure water in the pressure level of 90 - 1600 bar, water flow from 20 to 300 l/min depending on a model. HPW models cover power range of 10-200kW.
HPW pumps are only a fraction the size of other pumps in the same power range. The compact size practically guarantees an easy installation to any space in the machine or the vehicle. HPW pumps are used for power washing, street washing, pipeline cleaning and bin cleaning, dust suppression, water cutting, hydro demolition and scaling, firefighting, drilling fluid pumping, water hydraulics,
washing robot, underwater works, etc.


For more information, please contact : PT Hyprowira Adhitama, as Dynaset's distributor in Indonesia.

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