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Dellon GX Borescope Inspection

Category: Borescope Pipescope

The Dellon GX Borescope Inspection is one of the leading tools for meeting increasingly complex inspection and maintenance needs.


By using Dellon GX Borescope Inspection regularly, technicians can detect damage or wear to critical components before they cause major failures. This helps reduce downtime and unexpected repair costs.


Dellon GX Borescope Inspection is used to ensure that manufactured products meet established quality standards. By exploring the inside of a product, inspectors can discover defects or nonconformities that may not be visible from the outside.


Meanwhile, in sectors such as the oil and gas industry, occupational health and safety is a top priority. Dellon GX Borescope Inspection can be used to inspect pipes, tanks and other equipment to detect leaks, corrosion or other hazards that could endanger employees and the environment.


Main feature
- Touch screen design, more humane in interaction
- Interactive menu High definition monitor display screen. The controller is compatible with manual probes and electric probes and supports 64G memory cards. 3D icon to reduce noise, powerful light suppression software function, fast text annotation function, can meet at least 150 characters input; richer specification configuration: new 1.8mm direct view, 2.0mm side view and other very fine diameters, such as 6mm with 7.5m and 10m adjustment cable length, and 8mm manual lens camera available


Dellon GX Borescope Inspection

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