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Large industry at this time of course requires a variety of new tools to a qualified workforce in order to run a business well. From operational matters to management, everything must be done maximally so that the results obtained are also maximum, in accordance with the company's target.

With this condition, so many industries that ultimately require a variety of specific tools, according to the business they run. Not all industries use the same tools. Surely there are various kinds of industrial tools that are used according to their uses. Moreover, the tools used are also very needed. If you do not use these tools, then the business will not run well. Instead of wanting to benefit from the business, there is only failure because it is not supported by quality tools.

One of the tools needed in various industries is the torque multiplier or commonly known as the torque multiplier. As a torque multiplier, torque multiplier is used to increase torque levels more easily for the machine manufacturing industry. Yes, this tool is more inclined to be used by the machinery and construction industry. Usually torque multiplier is used to produce power that exceeds human power. More simply, this tool is usually used to overcome problems such as the bending that occurs in the engine due to the installation of bolts or nuts that have different tightness.

To be able to get the best torque multiplier, it's not an easy job. Out there, there are many manufacturers who make these tools. Especially in terms of price and quality, each has its own competition and focus. But of all the torque multiplier brands out there, Alkitronic can be called the best in its class. As a manufacturer of this tool, Alkitronic has sold it all over the world.

In terms of the quality of the energy provided, it is also qualified. Plus, its use is easier, more efficient, can provide a better level of firmness, to have a large variety of power sources. The use of proven German technology was also applied in the torque multiplier product from Alkitronic. There are various products manufactured by Alkitronic, such as Battery Torque Multipliers, EF Series Electric Torque Multipliers, EF Alkitronic Cip, Pneumatic Alkitronic CLV, CL Pneumatic Alkitronic, Tire Tools, Pneumatic Pumps, Electric Hydraulic Pumps, Manual Torque Multipliers, PHE to Documentation Installation Systems.

If you think it is difficult to buy a torque multiplier in Indonesia, you are wrong. PT Hyprowira becomes the official distributor of torque multiplier from Alkitronic in Indonesia. We provide all of the products previously described above. You don't need to worry about the availability of this tool. We always try to fulfill every request from buyers as quickly as possible. We also always try to fill the stock of every product sold by Alkitronic. That way, you can get the torque multiplier you want as quickly as possible.

PT Hyprowira is a distributor of various types of industrial equipment in Indonesia. Our presence in Indonesia aims to sell various types of industrial equipment so that each industry can get the best quality equipment. So for those of you who are interested in using the torque multiplier from Alkitronic, please contact us now. Don't miss the opportunity to get the best torque multiplier from Alkitronic so that your business operations can run well and smoothly. The optimal results that you want to get can also be achieved as soon as possible.




What Is Alkitronic?

Alkitronic is one of the best manufacturers in the affairs of torque multipliers. Since the early 80s, this German manufacturer has succeeded in developing and producing special bolting equipment for use by various professional industries out there. Of all the products produced by Alkitronic, including torque multipliers using battery drive, electric drive, pneumatic, hydraulic, and manual. Modern technology and first-class quality have made Alkitronic the best in its class.


What Products Does Alkitronic Offer?

For products sold by Alkitronic, there are various products provided. Starting from the Battery Torque Multiplier, EF Series Electric Torque Multipliers, EF Alkitronic Cip, Pneumatic Alkitronic CLV, Pneumatic Alkitronic CL, Tire Tools, Pneumatic Pumps, Electric Hydraulic Pumps, Manual Torque Multipliers, PHE to Installation Documentation Systems. Fortunately, all the products written above you can buy through us now.


What Are the Prices Offered for Alkitronic Products?

For the price offered for the torque multiplier from Alkitronic, you can ask us via telephone (+622129662266 and +622129662277), contact us via email at, or contact us via whatsapp with +628159003885. We will immediately provide you with the latest price information from the torque multiplier from Alkitronic.


How to Shop for Alkitronic Products?

To be able to buy a torque multiplier from Alkitronic, you just need to visit the Hyprowira website at the website Then you click the product section in the website menu section. Then you just click see the product in the Alkitronic section. You will immediately be brought into all Alkitronic products available at Hyprowira. Furthermore, you just contact us further to order.


What About Payment Systems for Alkitronic Products?

Alkitronic product payment systems are relatively easy. After you order, we will immediately send the account number to which you transfer. Then you can immediately transfer according to the nominal price of the Alkitronic product you want to buy.


For Alkitronic Shipping, How Fast Does the Goods Arrive?

We will send your item immediately after you make a payment. Keep in mind too. The faster you transfer according to the nominal value of the purchased Alkitronic product, the goods will arrive soon. We can ship Alkitronic products throughout Indonesia too. So for those who are in other areas, outside Jakarta, you don't need to worry. We will try to get your Alkitronic products to your hands immediately.


Why Should I Buy Alkitronic Products at Hyprowira?

Of course you have to buy Alkitronic products at Hyprowira because we are the only authorized distributor of Alkitronic products. That way, the products we provide are definitely authentic and official. You don't need to be afraid of the quality and authenticity of Alkitronic products. We guarantee everything you buy from Hyprowira is an authentic item from Alkitronic. Even if there are problems with Alkitronic products, you can contact us and ask about any product, which aims to provide answers to your problems.


For More Information, Where Can I Contact?

For more information about the torque multiplier from Alkitronic, you can contact us by telephone (+622129662266 and +622129662277), contact us via email at, or contact us via whatsapp with +628159003885.


PT Hyprowira Adhitama as distributor of alkitronic in Indonesia.