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Tire Tools

Category: Pneumatic

Pneumatic and electric torque multipliers for seated bolting of heavy vehicles (mining industry). Continuously rotation by tightening and loosening bolted connections. Torques up to 3.000 Nm / 3.500 Nm, dependent on type.

- Economic, safe operation.
No weather-related costly downtime
- Comfortable operating. The motor unit can be rotated 360 degrees. One handed operation with CW/CCW.
- Heavy duty, rugged housing made of cast aluminum Electrically powered models with protection IP 54:
- Maintenance -free brushless synchronous motor
- Precise shut-off torque and constant torque accuracy in all international power network and by operation with mobile power units
Air powered models:
- Ideal for use in explosion-proof working environment.
ATEX approval on request
- World's proven reliable pneumatic drive motor

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For more information, please contact : PT Hyprowira Adhitama, as alkitronic's distributor in Indonesia.

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