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Pneumatic Pump

Category: Hydraulic

The hydraulic pump is robust and powered with a unique worldwide proven pneumatic drive
- Perfectly for use in explosion risk areas. Optional with ATEX-certification:
II 2 GD c IIB T6.
- Simple operation and infinitely adjustable pressure setting up to 700 bar
- Ideal working conditions with an air pressure of 2-7 bar and a flow rate
of approx. 10-15 l/sec

- High working speed and short set-up times. Connection of up to two hydraulic torque tools is possible. This increases productivity and saves time and money.
- Flexible bolting applications. Compatible with nearly all hydraulic torque wrenches, independent of cylinder size and torque range.
- High precision (± 3%) through all pressure ranges by precisely adapted
oil flow rates
- Safe and simple remote control of the forward and return stroke

- Low sound emission levels: Integrated silencers minimize health hazards at work
- Low maintenance costs: Valve-less switching of the oil circuit ensures a maintenance-free and low-wear operation

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For more information, please contact : PT Hyprowira Adhitama, as alkitronic's distributor in Indonesia.

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