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CLV Pneumatic alkitronic

Category: Pneumatic

Pneumatic torque multipliers for torques up to 3,460 Nm
- Multiple fastening connections and series assembly in semi-automatic

- Perfect for bolted applications in an environment with increased
hazard of explosion

- Low noise emission values by integrated muffling

- alkitronic® CLV Remote systems for one to four CLV torque multipliers
- alkitronic® Exhaust system for a workplace without air swirls (optional)

- Permanently higher joint quality as compared to impact and
hydraulic wrenches by continuous rotation of the square drive
- Concurrent and even bolted connection, crosswise with several
alkitronic® CLV torque multipliers
- Comfortable remote control for right-left rotation
- Universal valve block for pneumatic steering according specific
- Robust pneumatic drive with sophisticated high-performance
gear, reliably used around the world

Please see detil in the brochure here.


For more information, please contact : PT Hyprowira Adhitama, as alkitronic's distributor in Indonesia.

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