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Know the Vibration Meter and How It Works

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 30 January 2021 | Last Modified: 30 January 2021

A vibration measuring device is an instrument used to measure vibrations (vibrations) in objects. Nowadays there are many variants of vibration measuring instruments in circulation. Each tool also has its own use. To get to know more about vibration measuring instruments and how they work, see the explanation of some of the measuring instruments below.

Shock pulse meter

The first vibration measuring instrument is the shock pulse meter. Shock pulse meters are commonly used to monitor anti-friction bearings. The way it works is to measure the shock wave at an object that arises due to the force of impact (impact). This instrument measures the intensity of the shock wave. This data is then used to detect damage to the bearings.
To be able to detect and measure shock waves on objects, the shock pulse meter is equipped with a special piezoelectric transducer which has a resonant frequency of approximately 32 KHz.


Next there is an oscilloscope. This electronic measuring instrument is used to translate vibrations from an electrical signal into a visual projection that can be seen and analyzed. The oscilloscope is equipped with a cathode ray tube connected to an electron emitter. That way, the vibrations on the machine can be seen in graphical form.
The wave graph indicates the engine condition. Waves that look complex and detailed can indicate misalignment in the engine setup. Each glitch or crash has a different waveform graph so you can detect the damage right away.


You are certainly familiar with this one vibration measuring tool. Seismographs are usually used to record earthquake vibrations. This measuring instrument is composed of stationary, needle, and special tape. The band is connected to the ground so that it can detect seismic waves that arise due to earthquakes. There are currently two types of seismographs in common use:

1. Horizontal seismograph

Horizontal seismographs are used to record seismic waves with horizontal (horizontal) motion. When an earthquake occurs, the roller tape on the tool will move along with the ground movement. At the same time, it is stationary and the needle is stationary. That way, the needle will scratch the roller according to the ground motion.

2. Vertical seismograph

If a horizontal seismograph records seismic waves with horizontal motion, then a vertical seismograph records vertical seismic waves. In this tool, a spring and an arm are held stationary. The sharp stationary end is attached to the roller of the tape which moves in a clockwise direction. That way, when an earthquake occurs, the tape rollers will be scratched by a stationary needle.

Vibration meter

The next vibration measuring device is the vibration meter. Vibration meters work by reading and measuring the vibration of a machine. This tool is composed of a cable, probe, and reader that can display the value of engine vibrations. Apart from these components, the vibration meter is also equipped with a switch selector which is used to select vibration parameters.
The way the vibration meter works is by reading the signal from the machine. A vibration sensor in the form of a magnetic base is attached to the engine. The sensor then sends the data to the reader via cable. The reader will then display the engine vibration value. That way, damage to the engine can be detected immediately.

Vibration analyzer

Lastly there is the vibration analyzer. This instrument can measure the amplitude and frequency of the vibration to be analyzed. Most machines have a vibration frequency of more than one, so if there is any damage you can immediately spot them.
The vibration analyzer is equipped with a meter capable of reading the amplitude of the vibration. Some types of vibration analyzers also come with a choice of scales for ease of use. This measuring instrument can provide information related to vibration spectrum data, namely amplitude against frequency.

Hopefully this discussion about vibration measuring devices can help you to get to know more about vibration measurement, especially the measurement of vibration on machines. Need a vibration meter for industrial machines? The V-MER Smart Vibration Analyzer is the answer. With the automatic indication shaft misalignment, this tool can detect disturbances in the machine more quickly. Get it immediately only at Hyprowira!