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5 Types of Hydraulic Pumps

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 21 August 2019 | Last Modified: 21 August 2019

In a hydraulic system, the hydraulic pump is arguably the most important component. This is because hydraulic pumps serve to attract energy from energy sources and process them into hydraulic energy. In its use, hydraulic pumps have several kinds of types. Here are some types of hydraulic pumps that are often used in a hydraulic system.


Hydraulic Gear Pump (Gear Pump)

The hydraulic gears pump or gear pump generates an energy flow from the round two rotating gears. From the movement, the suction power arises so that the fluid can reach the press channel in the hydraulic system. This type of hydraulic pump is very popular due to its durability. According to the gear location, this type of hydraulic pump is divided into two:

Inner Gears

This type of hydraulic pump utilizes two gears. The first gear is larger and works as a rotor that moves the small gear wheel (functioning as an idler). The fluid will go through the suction port and then flow on the sidelines of the gears.

Outer Gears

If the hydraulic gear pump is in the use of two different gear sizes, the outer gear hydraulic pumps are otherwise. This type of hydraulic pump utilizes a pair of equally large sized gears. In the outer gear hydraulic pump, the fluid enters through the inlet channel, through the gap between the gears and the walls, and then exits through the outlet.


Hydraulic Gerotor Pump

The drilling hydraulic pump is driven by two rotors. The first rotor or inner rotor serves as the drive. While the second rotor or outer rotor (sometimes referred to as a female gerotor) is a rotor that is driven. The fluid enters this drive chamber through the inlet inlet. After that, the fluid will go through the rotor gears up to the drain hole.


Hydraulic Propeller Pump (Vane Pump)

Just like its name suggests, the hydraulic propeller pump is driven by the propeller with the rotor.  The propeller hydraulic pump has two inlet channels and two outlet channels (outbound channels) that are elliptical and interclockwise. For how it works itself is similar to the water pump that is in the house.


Hydraulic Torak Pump (Piston Pump)

Next there is a piston hydraulic pump or piston pump. Arguably the way the pump works is similar to a compressor pump. The difference is only in the media that gets pressure only, the compressor presses the air while the piston presses the fluid. The piston hydraulic pump presses the fluid with the cylinder in the check valve until it enters the press channel. This type of piston hydraulic pump is then divided into two:

Axial Torak

In the axial piston, the piston will move in the back forth movement according to the shaft. Usually the axial piston is used in mobile equipments.

Radial Torak

In addition to the axial piston, the hydraulic piston pump also has a radial piston type. Unlike the axial-moving back forth, radial thorns move by forming an angle of 90 °.

The piston hydraulic pump is arguably quite unique because its output value is not necessarily fixed but also variable.  This is because the movement of the piston is not always parallel, but can also change angles so that the pressure flow changes.


Hydraulic systems are needed in many industries, ranging from automotive to food and beverage. With such a wide range of needs, hydraulic pumps as the main drivers of hydraulic systems are very varied. Some types of hydraulic pumps that have been mentioned in this article are also used in various industries.

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