Torque Multiplier, Types, and Applications

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 26 June 2017 | Last Modified: 15 August 2019

The Torque multiplier is a tool commonly used to provide mechanical advantages in applying torque to install or remove nuts, bolts and other similar items. The Torque multiplier is also specifically designed to be applied by torque such as valve actuation especially where there are certain requirements for relatively high torque.

Torque Multiplier Comes In Various Types According To Their Needs

The Torque multiplier is used in various torque usage activities which are quite difficult when using a cheaters. Ideally this one tool is used to reduce the leverage that is needed to be able to achieve all of these things. The Torque multiplier works with a series of teeth that can be doubled in strength to be applied in its use. It can be said that the use of this torque multiplier is safer than using extended leverage (in this case frequent failures). Torque multiplier is generally used in a tightly closed room where the leverage used by extending is not the right choice. To operate the torque multiplier is just straight enough. This is the best practice for torque multiplier calibration whenever used. Thus various requirements related to the use of torque are faster resolved. Appropriate replacement access makes the technicians who use it can open their own multipliers and replace components in their internal parts to perform repairs independently relatively quickly and cheaply. As for some types of torque multipliers that are widely known and can be quite easily available in the market today, they are as follows:

Manual Torque Multiplier with an accuracy of approximately 4%,
Pneumatic Torque Multiplier with accuracy ranging from 5% to 7%,
The Electronic Torque Multiplier combines the use of software with high-accuracy motor technology when both are run or operated at the same time.

All three have advantages in each use that can be tailored to the needs of the operator.

Torque Multiplier Application

A torque multiplier is generally used when there is limited space that automatically prohibits the use of handles too long. Torque multiplier is also usually used as a safer alternative, especially when you have to extend the lever. So that the business or operator performance as well as the tools used can be further reduced.

By utilizing the torque multiplier, allowing torque to be more accurate. Of course this will further reduce the amount of effort needed when tightening nuts and bolts and similar mechanical objects. The torque multiplier also allows the operator to carry out smooth and soft applications to ensure that the torque level is truly more accurate. Both by using manual, electronic and pneumatic multiplier torque.