Torque Function for Industry

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 03 July 2017 | Last Modified: 31 July 2019

The torque function for the industry is very much one of which is monitoring the quality to test or calibrate the torque material you want to test. Torque machines usually consist of click torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, torque wrenches, air screwdrivers, nutrunners, pulse tools, electric screwdrivers, and cordless screwdrivers. Torque is very helpful in the industrial world.

Torque Testing

This tool is an instrument designed to be able to measure the amount of twisting force that can be done when testing a tool. The method used by this equipment is to twist the test rod continuously until the test stem is broken and has reached the specified number of twists. The rotation must be opposite or clockwise.

The unit used by this torque machine when converting the resulting capability is cN · m, oz, kgf · cm, in · lb, kgf · fm, ft · lb, gf · cm, N · m. this torque also uses three methods in operation, namely the 1st peak, peak, and track. The torque equipment must have a National Institute of Standards and Technology certificate and NIST.

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