Inilah Cara Menggunakan Torque Wrench di Sektor Industri

This Is How to Use Torque Wrench in the Industrial Sector

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 01 August 2019 | Last Modified: 16 August 2019

Torque wrench is a tool used to tighten nuts and bolts. This tool is commonly used in the world of automotive or mechanical engineering. The automotive world that is not far from loading and unloading vehicle engines requires a torque wrench as a tool used to tighten bolts or nut nuts. If the vehicle bolt or nut has the same fastening tension, then all vehicle engine parts will be balanced.

Well, to tighten the bolts and nuts that the torque wrench is used. The tightening of bolts or nuts on the same engine tray will make the engine not experience estrangement or leakage when the engine is turned on. So simply, a torque wrench or torque wrench is used to determine and measure nut tightness on a vehicle engine block. So, how do you use this tool in the industrial sector? Here's the full information!

How to Use the Torque Wrench

As has been mentioned before, the function of the torque wrench is to measure the torsional force on a bolt or nut to reach a certain moment of tension. To get this function, you certainly need to know how to use it. Well, first you need to know that on the edge of the torque wrench you can attach a socket lock that is adjusted to the size of the bolt or nut you want to tighten.

Whereas at the other end (adjacent to the handle torque wrench) there are pointer and numbers that show the value of the tight strength of the bolt or nut which is tightened. Later, the needle on the torque wrench will move according to the tightening power you want. At the end of the torque wrench that is used to tighten bolts, there is also a socket lock that you can change according to the size of the bolt diameter or nut you want to install.

As you know, torque wrench is only used for finishing work. The process of installing and turning bolts at the beginning utilizes ordinary tools such as key rings, sockets, or wrenches. Later after it feels a little tight, you can rotate it with the torque wrench until the firmness is right. To use a torque wrench, here are some information that you should know:

1. Loosen the adjusting nut, then slide the scale of the nut tightness level until the needle is in the desired firmness number. You need to make sure the firmness between one nut and the other nut is the same so that it does not occur due to voltage differences. After that, don't forget to tighten the lock nut.

2. Install the socket lock according to the size of the nut to be installed.

3. After the nut is attached to the object you want to tighten, insert the socket key.

4. Place your dominant hand on the torque wrench handle and the other hand at the end of the drive, pulling the hand on the handle until you hear a click.

5. Do tightening with a big torsional moment gradually. For example, tightening with an 8 kg moment, divide into several stages ranging from 4-6 - 8 kg.

The Benefits of Torque Wrench in the Industry

As mentioned earlier, the torque wrench has enormous benefits in the automotive industry. Not surprisingly, most workshops, even all workshops, have a torque wrench as one of the tools that is always used. Indeed, in its application not all mechanical devices must use a torque wrench. But using a torque wrench is very important to tighten bolts and nuts on vital parts, such as in the cylinder head on a motor engine, and other important parts.

Well, that's information about how to use torque wrench in the industrial sector that you need to know. to make sure your vehicle has the perfect engine, don't forget to use a torque wrench to strengthen the bolt or nut, huh. May be useful!