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The Right Way to Tighten the Bolt with the Torque Wrench

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 03 July 2017 | Last Modified: 24 July 2019

The torque wrench is a tool used to tighten bolts and nuts on a machine with a certain degree of firmness. Because of that, on the handle of the torque there is a scale that will show how much you have to rotate and tighten the bolts and nuts. Bolts and nuts that are installed too tightly can add pressure or tension to the object being hooked. Especially for machines that at the time of operation experience changes in temperature or temperature that cause expansion unevenly on the engine. As a result, the bolt handle can break and endanger safety. Therefore, a torque wrench is used to measure torsional forces when installing nuts and bolts so that they are not too tight but also not loose.

At the end of the torque wrench that is used to tighten the bolt, there is a socket that can be replaced, according to the size of the diameter of the nut or bolt to be installed. This torque wrench is only used for finishing work, while installing and turning bolts at the beginning uses ordinary tools such as ring keys, sockets, or wrenches, only after being felt a bit tight, rotated using a torque wrench until the tightness number is right. The way to use the torque wrench is as follows:

First Step

Loosen the scale lock, then slide the scale of the nut tightness level until the needle is in the desired torque number. The torque between one nut and the other nut must be the same to avoid bending due to the voltage difference, then tuck the lock nut.

Second Step

Validate your torque setting on the torque tester to ensure that your torque wrench is in good condition

Third Step

Install socket that matches the size of the nut to be installed using a torque wrench.

Fourth Step

Insert the socket lock on the nut that has been installed on the object to be tightened.

Fifth Step

Place your dominant hand on the torque wrench and the other hand at the end of the drive, pulling the the handle until it clicks.

Sixth Step

For tightening with a big twist, it should be done gradually. For example tightening with a moment of 8 kg, then divided into several stages ranging from 4-6 - 8 kg.

In its application, not all mechanical devices do have to use a torque wrench. But using a torque wrench is very important to tighten bolts and nuts on vital parts such as the cylinder head on a motor engine. Each engine specification has a different level of firmness, you can read the standards in each manual or mechanism manual for each machine. To ensure the same level of firmness between the bolts and nuts installed, a Torque Wrench is used so we can see that we can achieve the torque value required.