Tantangan dan Peluang Implementasi B30 & B100

Seminar on Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation of B30 & B100

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 08 July 2019 | Last Modified: 13 August 2019

PT HYPROWIRA ADHITAMA participated in the Seminar on "Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation of B30 & B100", organized by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia and MASPI, on Wednesday July 17, 2019, pk. 09.00-12.00 WIB, together with Pertamina and Petrolab Services. On this special occasion, Mr. Djunaidi Chaidir as Director of PT Hyprowira Adhitama will also act as the speaker.

Djunaidi Chaidir, PT Hyprowira Adhitama

B30 or what is called 30% Biodiesel is an alternative fuel made from pure diesel oil mixed with 30% FAME, which is produced from vegetable materials such as palm oil, sunflower candlenut, sun seeds and various other organic products.

The benefits of B30 are as a substitute for conventional fuel derived from petroleum. So B30 combines 70% pure diesel and 30% biodiesel which has been processed through an esterification and transesterification process.

If you want to follow this seminar, register yourself immediately to follow it. Information and registration, contact: TITA 0856 9503 9505 or sekretariat@maspi.id