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Solution to Control Sludge & Varnish in Turbine System (Part 1)

Created By: Bayu Wibisono | Published Date: 01 July 2020 | Last Modified: 01 July 2020

The presence of sludge & varnish contamination in the turbine system if not controlled will cause several problems in the turbine component system and in the oil itself, one of the technologies that can be used to control the contamination is to use the Pall Sentry unit.

Here is information on how Pall Sentry can reduce Varnish from an initial condition of 45 dE to 8.9 dE in a volume of 15.000 lt of MOT tank in 12 days.


dE Graphic

Grafik dE


Picture Pall Sentry

Pall Sentry

Related information will be provided on next part two.


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