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Reasons for Using Super Clean Bottle Sampling for Analysis of Heavy Equipment Oil

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 02 August 2017 | Last Modified: 07 August 2019

To advance the production of the goods industry, heavy equipment is used to help the production process that is more effective and efficient in terms of cost, energy, and also time. In order to function properly, these heavy equipment must be maintained regularly including using high-quality lubricating oil. Oil is useful as a lubricant to protect metals that rub against each other so that the machine does not wear out quickly and can work more smoothly and not quickly heat up. Therefore high-quality oil is needed and not contaminated with other chemicals that can affect engine wear. To ensure the oil used is free from contamination, the oil mill industry uses super clean grade sampling bottles to analyze the results of the oil produced.

This super clean grade sampling bottle has also been rigorously tested using a tool called a particle counter. Particle counter is a tool used to calculate the number of particles in each unit of a particular object that is used to measure particles in liquid, solid objects, and aerosols. Here is what you should know about the role of particle counters in ensuring super clean bottle sampling quality.

Automatic Particle Counter

Automatic Particle Counter or APC is a tool used to calculate one by one particle on a medium. The way it works in general is that particles that enter the analysis chamber are illuminated by high intensity light, generally using a laser beam. Then automatically the images from the irradiation of these particles are recorded and displayed on a computer screen and then calculated and analyzed and determine the level of cleanliness of the medium. The APC machines used in the oil industry or oil currently consist of portable APCs and onsite-machines.

APC Machine Application for Super Clean Bottle Sampling

The use of the Automatic Particle Counter machine to check the cleanliness level of the sampling bottle for the oil industry or heavy oil oil has increased over the past few years. This is caused by the results of research which states that engine wear used on the machine mechanism is influenced by the number of particles contained in the oil used. So from that APC is used to calculate the number of particles in the sampling bottle used to control the contamination that occurs when analyzing oil using the bottle.

Sampling grade bottle is determined based on the number of particles contained in 10 microns / ml of liquid and divided into 3 classes namely Clean, Superclean, and Ultraclean:

1. Clean grade sampling bottle has a particle number of less than 100 particles every 100 micron / ml.
2. The Superclean grade sampling bottle has a particle number of less than 10 particles every 10 microns / mm.
3. Ultraclean grade bottle sampling has a particle number of less than 1 particle every 10 microns / mm.

Among the grade bottle oil sampling above, the Super clean grade is the most widely used grade in the heavy equipment or oil industry. The grading standard for this bottle oil sampling is based on the international standard of ISO 3722 which has also been achieved by Clean Bottles from Hyprowira. Make sure you only use the Clean Bottle from Hyprowira with super clean grade to analyze the oil that will be used to lubricate heavy equipment used for large-scale industries in order to maintain the quality of the oil used is not contaminated with bottle material.