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Created By: Djunaidi Chaidir | Published Date: 30 January 2018 | Last Modified: 31 July 2019

Water is a major cause of lubricant failure, component failure and poor machine reliability. Water is a far more insidious contaminant than solid particles, and is often overlooked as the primary cause of component failure. Like all contaminants, it is important not only to recognize its presence, but also to take steps to control or eliminate the source of water ingression.

Water can exist in oil in two states or phases, dissolved water and free water. Dissolved water in a lubricating oil is comparable to moisture in the air on a humid day - we know the water is there, but because it is dispersed molecule-by-molecule, it is too small to see. For this reason, an oil can contain a significant concentration of dissolved water with no visible indication of its presence. Most industrial oils such as hydraulic fluids, turbine oils, etc., can hold as much as 200 to 600 ppm of water (0.02 to 0.06 percent) in the dissolved state depending on the temperature and age of the oil, with aged oils capable of holding three to four times more water in the dissolved state than new oil.

If possible, water levels in all equipment should be kept below the saturation limit, with every effort made to keep moisture levels as low as possible. Reducing the level of water in all types of equipment can dramatically extend the life of the lubricant and the machine.

Vacuum dehydration is one alternative for water removal. Applications with large lubricant volumes or critical systems could be considered for this type of method.

Our purification service uses vacuum dehydration oil purifier and trained technicians. Furthermore, Oil purification reduces the reliance on costly in-house filtration methods by providing cleaner oil quickly and efficiently.

Oil circulates through our specialist equipment without the need to shut down your equipment. Oil purification filtration is effective at removing wear metals, particles, water and unwanted gases to rejuvenate your system and to achieve the water content required.