Cara Menghitung Torsi Pengencangan Baut

Infographics: How to Calculate Bolt Tightening Torque

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 16 July 2019 | Last Modified: 24 July 2019

How to calculate the bolt tightening torque using the table above as follows:

Screw Type

There are 2 types of screws, Allen screws and hexagon screws, each of which has a grade.

Screw Size

Each screw has an inner size (Hex) as shown below:

Example of a Screw

Example, M24 size hexagon screws with Grade 12.9 can be seen in the table:

Tabel Torsi
From the table it can be seen the units needed for M24 size screws with Grade 12.9 of 1196 Nm or 883 lbf ft.




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