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Industry that Appropriately Uses Clean Bottles

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 02 July 2017 | Last Modified: 31 July 2019

To reduce or minimize errors when analyzing, sampling in an industry needs to be done as well as possible. Apart from ensuring that the analysis technique itself is correct. One of the things that is used to minimize errors from the analysis itself is to use a sampling bottle that will not contaminate the sample taken. Because the sample bottle that contaminates the sample will affect the results of laboratory analysis.

As for some industries that require the presence of clean bottles as a sample medium, they include laboratories and heavy equipment as mentioned in the discussion below.

Heavy Equipment Industry

Advancing the goods industry requires the existence of heavy equipment which is useful to help the production process become more effective and efficient when viewed in terms of energy, cost and time. To make heavy equipment that is used more effectively or function better requires more regular maintenance. One of the treatments in question is to use high quality lubricating oil.

As is known, oil is a lubricant to protect metals that rub against each other and make the engine work smoother, not heat faster, and not wear out quickly. However, to produce a truly high quality lubricant, an analysis of samples that are not contaminated with other chemicals can also affect engine wear.

One industry that uses clean bottles as sample containers is the lubricating industry. In the analysis of lubricants used to detect its function on the performance of the engine and heavy equipment, it is necessary to have a clean bottle that ensures that the lubricant sample will not be contaminated. The results of the analysis of samples that are truly clean or in the sense of being uncontaminated are of course guaranteed more quality and accuracy.

Chemical Industry

It is not only the heavy equipment industry or goods industry that requires clean bottles. However, the chemical industry also needs clean bottles as sample containers. Specifically, certain chemical liquids that will be used as analysis material. The chemical industry referred to here is not only limited to drugs, but also industries that carry out analysis or research on various liquids for development purposes. An example is the analysis of waste in water that is capable of producing environmental water repairs and analysis of drinking water with a certain pH level. The analysis of special pH-based drinking water is usually carried out by the mineral water industry.

Of course, in the chemical industry it is very necessary to analyze the uncontaminated liquid to get high accuracy results. Remembering liquids such as water or chemicals becomes very inappropriate when it is only slightly contaminated. Even in the research carried out the contamination of sample fluids can damage the results of the analysis or research obtained.