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How To Easily Sterilize Plastic Bottles

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 12 July 2019 | Last Modified: 16 August 2019

Add a little baking soda mixed with hot water or bleach solution. Then, it is important that you take care of the plastic bottle sterilization mixture and pay attention if you want to use it again. As you know, plastic bottles are usually limited in their usage time. But, if you really have to use this plastic bottle because you don't have another bottle then you have to take care of it so that you can use it again.

The process of sterilizing plastic bottles is different from the process of producing clean bottles. In the sterilization process we try to kill bacteria and other microorganisms so the bottles become sterile. Whereas in the process of producing clean bottles, we strive to remove fine dust particles in order to produce super clean bottles according to ISO 3722.

The Sterilization Process is a process where you process to kill all types of organisms that are inside one object. And when these bacteria have moved, the best way is to do sterilization. This is one fairly practical method that is made to clean a place of developing microorganisms. For how it works it's also quite easy, and you can use multiple media. To be clear, here are some steps to clean plastic bottles more easily including:

Using a Bottle Brush

You can clean the plastic bottle using a regular brush that you use to clean the baby's milk bottle. Do you have to use this brush? This is because the baby milk bottle brush has a book on the larger brush section at the end. In addition, it is also equipped with fine fur on the other end.

Using Baking Soda

You can sterilize plastic bottles by adding baking soda mixed with hot water. You can mix it and put it in a plastic bottle that will be cleaned. Both of these solutions are used to remove odors and dirt in the bottle. In addition, this method can be done to eliminate the foul odor in the bottle. After that you can let it sit for a few minutes. Then you can get rid of the baking soda mixture and replace it with ordinary laundry soap. Beat the plastic bottle until it's completely clean. Do this step many times until it is certain that your bottle is clean.

Clean the outside

In addition to the inside of a plastic bottle you can also have to clean the outside of a plastic bottle. If the above process has been carried out and is correct - if the bottle is clean then you can rinse it with water and do the cleaning outside using a soap sponge. And don't forget to clean the plastic bottle cap too. If you have done this process. Then you can rinse it with clean water, both the bottle and the lid. Then you can give it to dry on its own.

After drying before your bottle cap is paired again, make sure also if the bottle and lid are completely dry. This aims to avoid water in bottles that might be a nest for dirt.

If you have already taken a few steps to clean this plastic bottle, it is certain that the plastic bottle is ready for you to use again. You also don't have to worry if there is dirt in the bottle beforehand. If the bottle can still be used again, you can do a way to sterilize the plastic bottle again if you want to use this plastic bottle again.

For the needs of lubricating oil sampling, especially for testing the level of cleanliness, required bottles that are maintained clean according to ISO 3722.


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