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5 Ways to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 22 February 2021 | Last Modified: 22 February 2021

How to care for a vacuum cleaner properly? The existence of a vacuum cleaner has undeniably made everyday life easier. With one tool, cleaning the floor from dirt becomes easier. Especially with the help of a machine, the cleaning process using a vacuum cleaner is faster and more practical.
However, unfortunately there are still many who simply use a vacuum cleaner without knowing how to care for it. In fact, just like any other electronic device, the vacuum cleaner must also be treated so that it does not break quickly. So, to make it easier for you, here's how to properly care for a vacuum cleaner.

Use it for vacuuming only

The function of the vacuum cleaner is designed to suck up small particles such as dust. So, avoid using a vacuum cleaner to suck up large particles of dirt. If you continue to do so, it will only shorten the life of the machine. This is because large particles can block the ducts in the vacuum cleaner. These trapped particles can over time damage the components in the vacuum cleaner.

Do not use the vacuum cleaner in wet places

A vacuum cleaner is not a mop that can be used on wet surfaces. This appliance is designed to suck dry dirt only. The water that enters will trigger the appearance of rust in the vacuum cleaner. In fact, rust can quickly damage the components of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, as a way of caring for a vacuum cleaner properly, avoid using the tool in a wet place. If you really want to clean an area that is still wet, you should wait until it is dry or wipe it with a dry cloth first.

Clean the vacuum cleaner regularly

Even though a vacuum cleaner is a cleaning tool, that doesn't mean it doesn't need to be cleaned. On the contrary, because it is always in contact with dirt and dust, the vacuum cleaner must be cleaned regularly so that its performance is always excellent. This is how to care for a vacuum cleaner that is recommended.
The part that should always be cleaned is the filter. The filter functions to filter out particles that have the potential to clog the channel. Check whether there is dirt stuck or not. If the dirt has stuck to too much, immediately clean it completely.
Another important component that you should pay attention to is the vacuum cleaner pipe. Check the pipes to see if there is any dirt clogging or not. Clean the pipes immediately if you see dirt that could potentially block the ducts in the vacuum cleaner.

Never force the engine

One of the common mistakes in using a vacuum cleaner is to force engine performance. For example, forcing a vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt that is too large in size. This type of force will clog the vacuum cleaner pipe. Usually, the vacuum cleaner will make a strange noise or the engine will suddenly feel hot.
Another force is to use the vacuum cleaner for too long. Using a vacuum cleaner for too long will make the engine heat up faster. To avoid this from happening, take a moment to pause when using the vacuum cleaner. After using the machine for 20-30 minutes, let it rest for 10 minutes before using it again.

Always check dust bags

How to care for a vacuum cleaner also includes checking the dust bag. If the dust bag appears to be almost completely filled with dirt, clean it and empty it immediately. The vacuum cleaner will not work effectively if the dust bag is full. The suction power will decrease because the dirt and dust that have just entered cannot be accommodated. If this is left alone, the vacuum cleaner suction power will gradually weaken. Engine performance will slowly decrease.

Those are some ways to care for a vacuum cleaner so it doesn't get damaged easily. Perform the treatment steps above regularly and consistently to get maximum results. However, if you are still confused about which vacuum cleaner is suitable, FASA has a solution. FASA is the best vacuum cleaner brand from Italy that presents high pressure cleaning products for all applications. One of them is windy wet and dry vacuum cleaner 265if. Get a vacuum cleaner from FASA immediately through the authorized Hyprowira distributor.