High Pressure Cleaner
High Pressure Cleaner

Various Functions and Use of High Pressure Cleaner

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 13 November 2019 | Last Modified: 13 November 2019

Have you ever had a hard time cleaning up dirt stuck to your wall? Or dirt attached to the body of your car? There is a solution to overcome this problem. By using a High Pressure Cleaner, you can clean the dirt easily. However, what is a High Pressure Cleaner? Let's look at the following review.

High Pressure Cleaner is a device that works based on the compression of water at high pressure. Basically, the way a High Pressure Cleaner works is the same as an air compressor. The difference between the two of them lies in the compressed object. Typically, objects compressed on a compressor are gas or air, while those on a High Pressure Cleaner are liquid.


In using or selecting a High Pressure Cleaner, there are a few things you need to pay attention to:

- For what purposes is the tool used

- What capacity requirements are needed (pressure or flow rate) - What equipment or accessories are needed and available

- Electric power needed


To use High Pressure Cleaner optimally, there are several accessories you can complete:

Spray Gun

Spray Gun is a standard equipment that functions as a media output machine, usually the tip in the form of a nozzle can be adjusted with a spray that can be widened or focused.

Soap Tubes (Foam Lance, Soap Dispensers)

Soap tubes are equipment that are usually installed on a machine and also have a separate. The soap tube itself functions as a soap container. When you need a soap tube, you can either pull the part that is attached to the machine or installed at the end of the machine gun kit if it is not installed on the machine. Machines that use soap tubes usually have a working pressure greater than 40 bar.

Rotor Power

Rotor Power functions as a cleaning dirt that is difficult to clean. The workings of the Rotor Power are designed in such a way. Thus, the results of the spray that comes out of the gun kit is a vortex spray in addition to a sweeping pattern (spraying) as well as forming a spray that has a rotating pattern.

Nozzle (Pointing, Spraying)

For High Pressure Cleaner type pointing. The nozzle used is suitable for workmanship that has a distance between the tip of the gun and the workpiece farther away. High Pressure Cleaner is usually used on objects that have narrow spaces or are difficult to reach. Meanwhile, for the High Pressure Cleaner type spraying is only used for ordinary or not difficult work.


Burner has a function as a water heater that is removed from the engine. Pressurized water that comes out of the engine is heated to a certain temperature (200 Celsius).

Total Stop System

The total stop system is equipment that functions as an ON / OFF button on the machine.


There are several things to consider when treating and using a High Pressure Cleaner (HPC), you can listen to the explanation below:

- Ensure that the mains voltage is stable (not rising and falling) when using a High Pressure Cleaner, because if the High Pressure Cleaner is not stable it will result in damage to the electrical system of the High Pressure Cleaner device.

- Do not use dirty water when you operate the High Pressure Cleaner, because it can clog the filter portion.

- Make sure that the water supply is not interrupted. This is due to the High Pressure Cleaner engine still running even though the operational button is not on. If the water supply often stops suddenly when you use it, it will make the machine become damaged.

- If you want to clean the car, you should not use High Pressure Cleaner by applying too much pressure, the surface of the car body paint can be damaged if you keep doing it.

- You should always dispose of the air pressure that usually remains after you finish using the machine. Simply by pressing the trigger gun / handlebars shoot.

- After you finish using the High Pressure Cleaner, turn off and dry the machine with a dry cloth on all High Pressure Cleaner materials made of metal.

- Store the High Pressure Cleaner in a dry and clean place and not exposed to direct sunlight.


That is the variety of functions and uses of High Pressure Cleaner and how to use and use it. High Pressure Cleaner itself is widely used in daily life and is used as a cleaning tool.

High Pressure Cleaner has several advantages, which are much faster, cleaner, and can even make paint, dirt, and mildew attached to the object you clean peel clean. Usually the High Pressure Cleaner is widely used in mining, car repair shops, restaurants, factories, and many more. If you need a tool to clean the device, you can try using FA-SA, a High Pressure Cleaner that you can buy from PT Hyprowira Adhitama as an exclusive distributor for Indonesia.