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Functions and Benefits of Engine Oil and Heavy Equipment Sampling

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 12 September 2017 | Last Modified: 07 August 2019

The use of wasteful oil to the bottleneck in the bearing section, only a few of the many classic problems on the machine that can actually be avoided if appropriate in the use and maintenance. There are several actions needed by the machine to remain durable, durable and avoid various things that are the initial symptoms of engine damage, one of which is to implement a Periodic Oil Check Program. It is very important to make sure the engine gets the right lubricant with regular maintenance, this is so that the engine's performance is well maintained and not quickly damaged.

Functions and Benefits of Oil for Machines

In general, the type of oil used as a lubricant is basic oil or also known as mineral oil. The engine oil itself functions as a cooler, keeps the engine running smoothly and avoids various disturbances that cause rusting and insulation.

Various compounds contained in it can meet the basic needs of the machine for lubrication. Inside the oil there is a fine thin layer that can protect the engine from the collision between one metal and the smallest metal, this layer also serves to prevent scratches and wear.

Functions and Benefits of Regular Oil Sampling

Given its huge role, it should be careful when choosing oil. Make sure you know the needs of the engine and choose the right lubricating oil so that the oil can be more optimal in carrying out its work. Usually the choice of lubricating oil is based on engine working capacity and the quality of the fuel used.

Today more and more types of oil on the market are mixed with non-oil ingredients, the act of mixing oil base with reinforcing ingredients has the potential to cause degradation and deterioration in the oil itself. There are many additives which are often added to basic oils such as paraffinic or naphtanic, in general the selection of additives is adjusted to the type of base oil used.

In some conditions, mixing basic oils with additives needs to be done to optimize the work of the oil itself. Additives have the function to strengthen certain elements in the base oil to be able to create additional functions in the oil, meaning that the oil that has been mixed with additives has a greater ability than basic oil, of course the addition of these additives must be adjusted to their needs.

Oil Sampling is a program to determine the condition of the oil. This program will provide information about unit health on liquid objects such as diesel, fuel, gasoline and so on. The method used is to change fluid analysis data in this case oil by involving sophisticated equipment and supported by experienced professionals.

Then what benefits can be obtained by doing Oil Sampling regularly? By implementing the Oil Sampling program on a regular basis, consumers can make predictions about the causes of wear of an equipment, whether caused by contamination or excessive wear conditions. After the cause is known, treatment or small repairs can be done as soon as possible so that more severe damage can be minimized.