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Fatal Result Caused If Delaying Engine Oil Sampling

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 03 July 2017 | Last Modified: 31 July 2019

Engine oil for a vehicle whether it's a motorbike or a car actually has a very important function. One of them is as a lubricant where oil has a role as a lubricant from several components that are on a machine that friction in the form of layers. In addition to other functions is to reduce friction to cool the engine and also functions as a seal between the piston and also the cylinder wall.

For the quality of the engine oil itself will usually be able to decrease along with the use of the engine itself. So it is strongly recommended to make a change in engine oil gradually every time you can every month according to usage. You can also choose several types and types of oil sold in the market where each of the oils of course has quite different qualities. In other words, you have to choose the best quality because the more quality the oil is used, the longer the usage time will be before filling new oil.

Some engine oil manufacturers will usually give advice to replace engine oil with a period of time. Some have suggested replacing usage after 3000 km or it could be 5000 km and then replacing it or there is a longer 10,000 km, after that it is just an oil change. For the right time it's good to consult directly with experts.

The Effect If Delaying Engine Oil Sampling

Although this is the simplest business, many people ignore it. The result is they delay and cause fatal things. When using very long oil, of course this will reduce the quality of the engine oil itself. Because this quality is not permanent so the function of the oil which used to be lubricant for several engine components will also decrease. As a result, the engine will be down using fuel will be more wasteful than before and the components on the engine - the engine that rubs will dry faster and the more fatal is that it will cause the engine to heat faster which is quite excessive or commonly called over heating. If this has happened, it will make the cylinder head turn curved. So to fix it you have to bend the engine and dip it.

Some components that usually will often be damaged because of having poor oil quality are the bearing parts of the motor and then piston the cylinder wall to the other. This effect does not only occur on the engine but can also occur in cars. This condition will get worse when you forget to change the old oil after making a 20,000 km trip. If this happens, the engine will not only go down but also damage to the crankshaft too.

Knowing the Quantity of Engine Oil

Well if you do not want to experience this big loss, it is highly recommended to make service records and change engine oil more regularly. And if it's also due, it's best to change oil as soon as possible and don't delay. You must replace the oil directly with the best quality.

In addition, another way to check engine oil quantity every month is if the oil has decreased, you can add it with the new oil until it touches until you reach line F. Besides changing engine oil. You also have to be diligent in changing oil filters.