Menentukan Ukuran Torsi Baut Yang Tepat

Determine the Right Size of Torque Bolt

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 12 September 2017 | Last Modified: 31 July 2019

The size of bolt torque is a very important thing to note when tightening bolts by using a torque wrench or also called the torque wrench. This function has a size scale that can be adjusted according to the desired firmness in the position attached to the torque wrench, which is to see enough to step the bolt installed according to its needs? Previously, torque lock was a tool used to tighten bolts and nuts with a certain measure of firmness. Why is that important? Because the size of the torque is less precise and not measurable as when using the hand, it can be fatal to the engine. For example on the installation of bolts and nuts on a car that will experience heating from the engine work. Heating this machine will cause uneven expansion of the bolt and nut rod, so that if the lock is too tight or even too loose it can cause malfunctions in the engine part. How do you determine the size of the bolt torque that must be attached to the tool?

What must be considered in determining the size of the torque tension for bolts and nuts is the type of bolt whether the Allen bolt or the hexagon model, the size of the bolt, and also the grade of material from the bolt. Like for example in the table image click here to download the table below. For example for the type of M24 allen size bolt with grade 8.8 then based on the table, the torque size is 711 Nm. Therefore when tightening the tool using the size of the bolt, the recommended level of firmness is 711 Nm which you can see on the measurement scale found on the torque key hand.

One application that is commonly used in bolt tightening using torque locks is on the cylinder of the car head and also needs to be known for each brand / car brand having a different number of cylinder head bolts. The size of the cylinder head torque on the car is usually listed in the details of the car manual, so you can simply use the standard which must have been adjusted to the needs and safety of the car. Here are some steps that can be used as your guide when tightening the cylinder head by using a torque lock:

First Step

To do the tightening process, it must be carried out according to the correct instructions sequentially & gradually so there is no damage to the cylinder head such as leakage (Leaking) and curved / bent, for example in the manual car or motorbike the recommended size is 62 Nm, you can tighten all cylinder head bolts to the number 40 Nm first, it can be done using the manual using the hand or ordinary key first, then the tightness is continued to 62 Nm by using the torque key evenly on all the cylinder head bolts to ensure that the size is right .

Second Step

Each car or motorbike has its own manual in the order of tightening the size of the bolt torque. Some cars recommend tightening the bolts at the edges first, other cars suggest that the center is tightened first.

Indeed, not all tools have to tighten bolts and nuts using a torque lock. But the use of torque locks is very important to tighten bolts and nuts on crucial engine parts, the size of which is not allowed to loosen and should not be too tight, such as in a cylinder engine car or motorcycle head.


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