Tank Cleaning, Gas Freeing and Sterilising System

Cleaning, Gas Freeing and Sterilising Biodiesel (B20) Fuel Tank

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 27 August 2018 | Last Modified: 13 August 2019

SKID V-025 use for cleaning, gas freeing and sterilising the fuel tank.

Cleaning and sterilising the biodiesel (B20) fuel tank is very important because biodiesel fuel tank tend to have more bacteria than normal diesel fuel. 

The elimination of bacteria using steam will avoid using biocide and saving the operation cost.

Gas freeing is the removal of organic gases from stationary tanks, containers, or pipelines. Fluids that are degassed include gasoline and crude oil.

Gas freeing need to be performed to obtaining a gas free condition to enable perfectly safe working operations. 

One way to do gas freeing is by injecting saturate steam to the tank. The saturate steam contained inside reaches a temperature of 200°C and a pressure of 20 bar, generating a thermal energy exchange between the steam and the hydrocarbons, enabling the steam to condensate and form microemulsions, which are harmless for the operators as they comply with the TLV.

SKID V-025 STEAM only requires 180 litres of water to degas a cistern measuring 12 m³ in just 45 minutes, guaranteeing total gas freeing. In all the tested cases using an explosimeter extremely safe values have been returned. The steam is produced by means of the special nozzles so that it reaches all the areas inside the cistern, penetrating into the structure pores, completely evaporating the residual gas and, therefore, eliminating all risks of explosion.

The Benefits of SKID V-025 STEAM 

- Fast and effective sterilisation in confined spaces in accordance with ACGIH directives (American Conference of Industrial Hygienists).

 - Biological and chemical decontamination to enable transporting solid and liquid foodstuffs.

- Total recovery of the liquid waste from the cisterns.

For further information, please contact: PT HYPROWIRA ADHITAMA, as a distributor Cristanini in Indonesia.


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