Trik Pengencangan Baut dan Mur pada Mesin

Bolt and Nut Tightening Tricks on the Machine

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 16 July 2019 | Last Modified: 13 August 2019

Tightening bolts and nuts should not be done carelessly. The reason is, if it is not properly tightened, then the bolts and nuts will easily loose and it is very dangerous when the machine is used. Conversely, if it is too tight, the bolts and nuts will break or dol. Then, how to tighten the bolts and nuts properly? The trick is to tighten using a torque wrench or commonly called a torque lock. There are times when you or the workshop you go to don't have a torque lock. This is very possible because indeed the price of key torque is quite expensive.

The good news is that you can still tighten the bolts and nuts even though the accuracy is not as accurate as when you use a torque lock. The trick is to add a round of at least 1/8 rotation after being tightened by hand. The first thing you have to do is insert the nuts or bolts using your hands. Even though it looks strange, but instead of inserting bolts or nuts using your hands it can be more appropriate because your hands are more sensitive to find out the rotation of the nut or bolt.

Specifically, turn the bolt or nut at least 2 to 3 times using your hand. After that, turn it until it is tight enough to fit your hand. If it feels tight enough, add 1/8 more rotation. Actually there is one more way that is considered easier and faster than using a torque key or hand. This method is to tighten the nut or bolt using a torque multiplier.

With a Torque multiplier, you can tighten your nuts or bolts not only correctly but also quickly. You do not need to think again about the tightness of bolts or nuts with a hand that has a greater risk of harm. Torque multiplier can also be used for various types of nuts and bolts. For example, you want to tighten the nuts and bolts on the oil cap and spark plugs. Ensure that nut and stone oil cap and fast spark plugs are very important. Because if it's not tight there will be a leak.

The conventional way is to tighten with your hands until they are tight enough. After that tighten again with the torque lock. The accuracy is in the standard tension of the bolt and nut. In order for the bolt and nut tightening process to close the oil and spark plugs use only the torque multiplier to make the level of tension more precise.

In addition, you also need to tighten the axle nut or bolt. Tightening the nut or bolt of the axle must also be with the right tricks. Because the level of tightness of the nut or bolt of the axle must not be wrong. Axle nuts and bolts can be rotated by hand until they are tight enough. If you can't rotate it by hand, then you can use the torque key. Instead of being tired and time consuming, the torque multiplier is the right solution.