Webinar “Good Weighing Practice in Your Daily Activity for Increase Productivity”

"Good Weighing Practice in Your Daily Activity for Increase Productivity" Webinar, August 11, 2020.

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 05 August 2020 | Last Modified: 18 August 2020

Weighing is an important process in a measurement. To what extent does weighing greatly affect the results of measurement of sample levels, or the creation of standard solutions? Good Weighing Practice is a Standard Global Weighing Guideline that will provide guidelines for us in answering questions, such as what scales are right for our needs? How do we know that we have met the quality system requirements and the requirements of the external auditor? What are the benefits of calibrating the scales? Do we have to verify a scale and how? These are factors that are related to Good weighing practice in your daily activity for increasing productivity.

Webinar Good Weighing


Questions about weighing and its effect on the results of measuring sample levels, and etc discussed in the Webinar “Good Weighting Practices in Daily Activities to Increase Productivity” on 11 August 2020, pk. 10.00-12.00 WIB, organized by Hyprowira Adhitama with Mettler Toledo Indonesia.


Webinar Good Weighing 03

This webinar invited Putri Jayanti (Mettler Toledo Indonesia) as speaker and Metalia (Hyprowira Laboratory, Consultant) as the moderator.

Thank you to all the participants in this webinar so that it can go well. Don't miss the opportunity for the next webinars from Hyprowira Adhitama.