10 Things You Need to Know About Torque Multiplier

Created By: Hyprowira | Published Date: 02 July 2017 | Last Modified: 29 July 2019

The function of the torque multiplier or torque multiplier is to provide or facilitate mechanical work such as to rotate bolts, nuts, or other tools that require greater torque which is outside the range of human physical strength. Generally the torque multiplier is used as an extension of the long handle or when the existing space cannot be reached by the handle. Torque multiplier is also used to reach the torque point faster and safer for the operator. Want to know more about using a torque multiplier, here are 10 things about this mechanical device.

Use the Torque Multiplier Safely

How do you use the torque multiplier correctly? Here are things you should know:

- When the multiplier is used in a regular frequency it should not be used and then saved again, but left in standby. But if it needs to be stored, leave a little compression on the torque multiplier, don't get to zero and not be too full because it can interfere with the accuracy of the torque needed.

- In using a torque multiplier, it should be done carefully, carefully, and enough just one click. Every additional click that is used then there will be additional torque on the tool being worked on.

- Torque multiplier used for steering the left hand on a particular vehicle and on the left pedal of the bicycle using a round clockwise direction, so before using it you should first check the specifications because if you turn it wrong then you can lose control of the torque.

- There are many smartphone applications that can be used to convert units that are used on counts of torque to make it more precise.

- When there are tools to be worked with the torque multiplier, adjust the scale to the required torque specifications.

The Mechanism Uses a Torque Multiplier

Reading a guidebook might be a little troublesome for you. Here are a few simple steps to using this tool:

- Position the hand in the center of the marked area or the area of ??the load point, this is to increase the level of precision of the torque added to the tool.

- Torque multiplier can be used to remove bolts or nuts as long as the torque scale used does not exceed the maximum limit.

- It is strictly forbidden to add handle extensions such as using pipes, because it can reduce accuracy.

- Not all torque multipliers have a safety lock, but if there is one, do not ignore the use.

- There are several types of parts outside the multiplier equipment from the factory that can be used to operate the multiplier more easily. For example fittings in the form of bird feet that can be used to install bolts in the shape of a box.

These are some of the things you should know about the torque multiplier which includes how to use it safely and also things that must be considered when working with a torque multiplier.